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The Connectivity Podcast


In this podcast, networking guru Mattias Fridström, Chief Evangelist at Arelion and industry experts discuss all things Internet, networks, cloud and connectivity.
EP27: Preventing frauds in the telecoms industry September 26, 2022 Episode artwork EP26: Pandemic’s impact on cloud, datacenter sustainability, what’s next in cloud September 02, 2022 Episode artwork EP25: Pioneering the cloud, best advice & major mistakes, understanding connectivity August 15, 2022 Episode artwork EP24: Connectivity in Africa: the entrance of hyperscalers, sustainability, telecom developmentJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork EP23: Connectivity in Africa: data centers, networks, subsea cables June 21, 2022 Episode artwork EP22: Openness and disaggregation, IPoDWDM, DIY hyperscalers, sustainabilityMay 20, 2022 Episode artwork EP21: Optical networking, raw bandwidth, component shortages, network design post-pandemicMay 02, 2022 Episode artwork EP20: Disaggregation, IPoDWDM, sustainability in networking March 15, 2022 Episode artwork EP19: Routing silicon, Moore’s law, Life Cycle Management February 09, 2022 Episode artwork EP18: Enabling connectivity after Beirut port and Moria refugee camp disasters, securing funding and partnersNovember 08, 2021 Episode artwork EP17: Connectivity in disaster areas, custom-engineered communications kit, satellite broadbandOctober 05, 2021 Episode artwork EP16: Hyperscalers, Shannon limit, fiber development, predicting earthquakes August 25, 2021 Episode artwork EP15: Optical networking, openness and disaggregation, IPoDWDMJuly 13, 2021 Episode artwork EP14: 5G, cloud connectivity, security standardsJune 14, 2021 Episode artwork EP13: Enterprise networking, SASE, zero trustMay 21, 2021 Episode artwork EP12: 5G and enterprise networks, cloud connectivity, sustainability April 26, 2021 Episode artwork EP11: Network design, automation, enterprise securityApril 15, 2021 Episode artwork EP10: Cyber security, supply chain attacks, raising digital nativesMarch 22, 2021 Episode artwork EP09: Cyber security, connectivity concerns, pandemic’s impact on securityMarch 08, 2021 Episode artwork EP08: IPv4 vs IPv6, 5G and Edge, and building a better Internet February 15, 2021 Episode artwork EP07: State of Internet, connectivity as a commodity, and networking sustainability January 25, 2021 Episode artwork EP06: Planning for traffic peaks, the Internet ecosystem, and sustainability December 16, 2020 Episode artwork EP05: Diversity in tech industry, WFH, and coping with the traffic surgeDecember 07, 2020 Episode artwork EP04: 400G, IPv6, Covid-19, and building a better InternetOctober 26, 2020 Episode artwork EP03: Route hijacking, trust-based Internet, and future of IX’sOctober 26, 2020 Episode artwork